Heavy things

Last week I wanted to write about our first IVF consult.  We had that on Thursday Sept 12th.  I never got around to it because my work world was thrown into chaos on September 16th.  While I’d rather keep my job off this blog, it feels wrong to not mention what happened.  I work incredibly closely with many many people who were in Build.ing 197 at the Na.vy Ya.rd here in DC.  If you are in the US, I’m sure you heard about it.  12 people were senselessly gunned down on a Monday morning while at their jobs.  I have been surrounded by coworkers who are heartbroken, distraught, and attempting to figure out exactly what they saw and heard.  A lot of them saw things no one should ever see.  Coworkers helped each other flee with the sounds of bullets echoing in the hallways.  Some did not make it out.  They each have a story filled with terror.  My office is down the street, so it was a gathering point throughout the day last Monday as the chaos was still unfolding.  The stories started pouring in with each new arrival.  Awful stories, heart wrenching stories.  Stories that bring tears to my eyes to even contemplate.  

I could go on and on.  But I won’t.  Just one more thing: I will never understand why we continue to sell guns in this country.

My heart is broken.



5 thoughts on “Heavy things

  1. I’m so sorry, that must be terrifying! But I completely agree about your sentiments in relation to guns – all the more ridiculous since so many of the staunch defenders of gun “rights” are the very same people who are fervent anti-abortionists in the name of the “right to life”. I guess they don’t see how contradictory and nonsensical that is.

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