TTC Timeline

*August 2010: Get married, hooray!

*October 2010: Discuss starting to try to have a baby.  Start getting sloppy with the birth control with me secretly wishing it would happen “by accident”.

*April 2011: Stop our spotty use of birth control.  Attend a fabulous destination wedding and joke that we will name our kid after the island since, OF COURSE, this trip will result in pregnancy.

*July 2011: Start charting.

*Early August 2011: Start using OPKS.  Do it wrong.

*Late August 2011: Positive pregnancy test.  Joy.

*Early September 2011: Cramping and bleeding.  Miscarriage at 6 weeks.

*Late October 2011: My first period arrives after 6 weeks and we dive back into trying.  I start charting like a boss.  I am determined to get pregnant right away since now I know how to chart and use OPKs correctly.

*October 2011-March 2012: Trying and failing.

*March 2012: meet with my OB/GYN for a TTC appointment.  He assures me I will be pregnant that summer and to “just relax”.

*March 2012-October 2012: Lots of trying and lots of failing.

*October 2012: Officially infertile. I bring our issues up to my OB/GYN at my annual appointment.  He schedules an HSG for me and a sperm analysis for my husband.

*November 2012: Husband’s SA comes back and he has beautiful, perfect, fabulous swimmers.  I have my HSG which shows no issues.  We are now officially “unexplained infertility”.  I am assured that for the three months after the HSG my uterus and tubes will be a “superhighway” for sperm.  I am told to try for three more months and come back in March if I am still not pregnant.

*December 2012: Husband and I decide to make an appt with a fertility clinic in the New Year.  I secretly cling to hope that we will be pregnant before then and get to cancel the appointment because we are So Healthy and Normal.

*January 2013: Meet with our RE.  Agree to try clomid with IUI next cycle.

*February 2013: IUI #1, start 100 mg of clomid, have a perfect response, 4 follicles (right: 23, 20, left: 20, 17), trigger with ovidrel, failure.

*March 2013:  IUI #2, clomid 100 mg, 3 follicles on right (21, 17, 17), ovidrel trigger, failure.  Sperm was frozen since husband was traveling, I blame this as the issue.

*April 2013: IUI #3, clomid 100 mg, 6 follicles! (right: 3×18, 17, left: 20, 12) ovidrel trigger, failure.

*May 2013: We have a WTF appointment with our RE.  He suggests staying the course since I’m responding well to the clomid.  He thinks that doing IUI and injectables, for us, would be a waste of money since I have a good response on clomid.  I agree with him.  If we are ready to go big, it will be with IVF.

*May 2013: IUI #4, clomid 100 mg, 5 follicles (right 19, 16, 12, left: 2×18) ovidrel trigger, failure.

*June 2013: Unmedicated cycle, failure.

*July 2013: IUI #5, clomid 100 mg, 3 follicles (left 18, 20, 22), ovidrel trigger, failure.

*August 2013: IUI #6, clomid 100mg, 1 follicle at 24mm, failure.

*September 2013: Make the choice to move to IVF.  Meet with our current RE to discuss the process.  Make an appt with a new RE to cover all our bases.

*October 2013: Meet with new RE and we like him and the practice much better.  He orders me an SHG which I have on CD 10.  It shows I have a small polyp that will need to get removed.  In-office hysteroscopy scheduled for CD 18.  I ovulated CD 17, we have sex once on CD 16 because why try when I’m getting all these procedures done anyhow.  The doctor is unable to remove the polyp, I have to schedule out-patient surgery to have it taken out.  We also attend a 4 hour IVF class at our new clinic.

*November 2013: waiting for my period to arrive to schedule my polyp removal.  On CD 33, at 16dpo, I figure I’m maybe a day late and take a HPT.  Holy shit it’s positive.  First beta is 1,174 at 4w5d.  Booted to regular ob/gyn since it was an unmedicated cycle.  At 6 weeks 3 days our first ultrasound revealed one little pea with a heartbeat of 120 bpm.  EDD: July 13, 2014.

*January 2014: Still pregnant, still hopeful and happy to say goodbye to the first trimester.

*March 2014: Found out our little one is a GIRL!  We’re thrilled.

*July 16, 2014: Welcome our daughter into the world at 1:29 am.  Finally found my bebe.


*July 2015: Our decision to “not try not prevent” results in a beautiful SURPRISE positive test just after our baby’s 1st birthday. We are shocked, thrilled and a little scared about having babies so close together.

*August 2015: It’s not meant to be.  I miscarry just before 8 weeks.  Sac only measured 5 weeks.

*October 2015: I get a positive HPT 2 days before my missed period.  It’s very light.  I test all week, the lines get lighter.  My period arrives two days late.  I am pretty sure it was a chemical pregnancy.

*January 2016: Another positive HPT.  This time the lines are dark and beautiful from the start.  Ultrasound at 7 weeks shows a perfect heartbeat. EDD: October 2.

*May 2016: It’s a boy!

3 thoughts on “TTC Timeline

  1. Hello again 🙂 We are almost on the exact same ttc journey!! I got married in July of 2010 and our timeline pretty much matches up, good luck to you.

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