Up and Down and All Around

It’s been an up and down day over here.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting my 2nd beta results.  They were taken almost 2 weeks after my initial test, because normal ob/gyns like to torture us, and then it took them THREE DAYS to get the results back.  I had no idea how spoiled I’d been with same day results at the RE.  

Good news, beta at 6 weeks was over 25,000.

So, why the down?  Last night I started to feel some pain to the right of my uterus.  It wasn’t very sharp, but more like a dull nagging pain.  I figured it’d go away with some water and good night sleep.  It was still there this morning.  I couldn’t even be happy about the beta number because all I could think about was this pain.  If you google “dull abdomen pain, 6 weeks pregnant” you get endless results with one thing in common: ectopic.  By lunchtime I was freaking out.  Of course this was happening to us, it was the other shoe dropping for sure.  Not only was I going to lose the pregnancy, but i was going to lose a tube as well, which would essentially cut in half our already very low fertility.  

The doctor luckily agreed to send me for an ultrasound immediately.  i called my husband and burst into tears.  i was so sure this was going to be horrible news and I needed him there.  I left work and raced over to the radiologist.  Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long before they called me back. 

Right before the tech came in, I looked at my husband and said “this is either going to be the worst day of our lives, or the best”.  The tech started the ultrasound (not in my hoo-hah, amazing!) and pretty quickly found our little pea sized love.  It was in the exact right spot.  He zoomed in and then said the most magical words I’ve ever heard: “see that flicker?  That’s the heartbeat”.  I burst into tears, sobbing on the table.  It’s beating away in there at 120 bpm.  The pea measured perfectly for the day I ovulated, which makes me 6 weeks 3 days.  Estimated due date, July 15th.  

I can’t believe I have another heartbeat inside me.  I am starting to have faith that this might just work out for us.  

12 thoughts on “Up and Down and All Around

  1. A friend of mine also had pain on her right side but it was sharp pain. She had an emergency ultrasound in the middle of the night and found two heartbeats at 6 week 1 day. (She did IVF and transferred 3 embryos.) This could be so nerve wracking. Happy for the heartbeat for you and I hope that things are looking up from this point on!

  2. I had a very similar experience. I had pain on my right side at about 7 weeks. It kept me up all night so I called in sick to work and then called the birth center. They asked me a bunch of questions and said it sounded normal. Our appointment was Judt a few days later and I was almost convinced it would be ectopic… And then there was our June Bug with a beautiful, strong heartbeat instead! Being pregnant is scary, especially when you know everything that can go wrong. Wishing you and your little one a very healthy 9 months!

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