Checking In

I realized that if I didn’t post an update, I’m flirting with not getting one out before this baby comes….so here we go…

I can NOT believe I am mere weeks away from meeting my daughter.  I’m just over 37 weeks now, so she really could come anytime.  I don’t think we’re close just yet, but the fact that my pregnancy days are numbered is insane.  Over the last few weeks I’ve been wrapping my head around labor and delivery and that it’s happening SOON.  It’s been really valuable to spend some head space just contemplating it.  I am feeling more and more at peace about it, instead of nervous and scared.  I’m still nervous and scared, but also much more excited to finally meet her.  

I’m also trying to spend some time savoring our lives as non-parents.  We’ve been having lazy BBQs with friends and throwing impromptu World Cup watching parties.  It’s been wonderful after the craziness of moving and buying a house and settling in, to just have some weekends where our fun list is longer than our chore list.  The chores will get done one day, but I really want to relish this time with my husband.  

Speaking of that man, I have started to get so excited to see my husband become a Dad.  Obviously, this was always high on my list of perks, but he’s been so nurturing and wonderful with me, it’s like he’s gearing up his dad-skills on me.  As I’ve gotten bigger, and slower, he’s sort of effortlessly been taking over my household tasks, and reminding me to rest, and just being so sweet and adorable.  He is clearly so so excited for her to get here so he can help with the care taking.  I’ve never had any doubt he was going to be a most wonderful father, but these last few weeks are really nailing it home for me just how lucky this little girl is.

I think I’m getting all sentimental and mushy now that pregnancy is coming to an end.  I feel so lucky.  I have no idea why, randomly in October, we were able to conceive after so much stress and trying.  I just feel incredibly grateful it happened.  I’ve had an easy pregnancy which has left me able to relax and enjoy growing my daughter.  I am just so grateful for every day of this last 37 weeks.  In some ways I’ll really miss being pregnant, though I have a feeling I’m going to love being this little one’s mom even more.  


4 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. So exciting to be so close! Another blogger I follow just had her baby at 37 weeks, so you are right it can be any time now ready or not. I’m a week behind you, and the reality is setting in. Can’t wait to read the announcement of little one’s arrival!

    • Yes it is exciting! I had a friend who had her babe at 36 weeks just two weeks ago so I’ve been on high alert…something tells me I’ll be waiting awhile. I think she’s pretty comfy in there!

  2. Ohy Lydia- I can identify with this post and started to get emotional just reading it! I am so excited for you and am so happy that you have had an easy pregnancy after all that you have been through… good for you for enjoying your hubby time.. I am trying to do the same. Looking forward to the announcement of baby girls arrival!

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