Week 10 Sneak Peek Inside

We had another ultrasound today.  Things look perfect inside my uterus, so PHEWF.  The ultrasound tech became my best friend when immediately upon starting she said “well, there’s definitely a baby in there!”.  I haven’t really been calling it a baby, and hearing someone else say that was honestly awesome.  She found the heartbeat quickly (170 bpm) and we got to hear it thumping away.  It was surreal that that noise was coming from this tiny little being.  Measuring at right about 10 weeks, the wee one was looking decidedly more baby like, which is of course the way we want these things to go.  It had arms and legs and even did this little wave motion with one little arm.  It.Was.Awesome.  There was lots of flipping around and over, s/he is active in there.  My husband asked about the umbilical cord, and the tech zoomed in on it.  It was pretty big compared to the baby, I was surprised.  All in all it was over pretty quickly, they printed us some pictures and we were out the door in under 15 minutes.

Also, I got to keep my pants on for the whole appointment!  What?!  I honestly didn’t believe the nurse when she told me to just lay down, I stopped and went “wait, I can keep my pants on?”.  Such an unexpected bonus, I thought for sure I’d still get the dildo cam at this one.

I finally have my first real appointment with my ob/gyn on Wednesday.  I have a bunch of questions for him, but I am hoping it will be pretty uneventful.  

I am staring down the end of the 1st trimester and I can NOT wait to see it in my rear view. Thankfully the holidays should serve as a nice distraction from the weekly countdown.  I am hoping week 13 is here before I know it.


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