17 thoughts on “Empathy vs Sympathy

    • It really struck a chord with me because I think IF has made me more empathetic. But I never would have been able to say why exactly. This helped show how in such a unique way.

  1. Awesome! Definitely made me smile especially the part where she commentates “I had a miscarriage – at least you know you can get pregnant” which a doctor said to me….so, so true…thanks for sharing 😉

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  3. This was so great to see! As little as it is in the big scheme of things, the chemical pregnancy I had this year was really tough for me. If I talk about it to people they’ll all just say “it’s great, at least now you know you can get pregnant”. I don’t like and don’t understand this reaction. I would much rather just hear something simple like “sorry, wish I could do something, im here for you…”. Thank you for this!

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