Sports Page Coverage of Infertility

Imagine my surprise when I was reading the sports page of my local paper and saw a blog entry about a Caps player struggling with infertility. You can read the article here.

It’s nice to see someone talk candidly about going through the IVF process. While I doubt most NHL players *need* the insurance coverage to pay for IVF, I like that this guy lobbied for it to be covered.  The more it becomes the norm for insurance to treat such a common medical issue, the better for all of us.

The other thing I noticed is that only one person in the comments brings up adoption, and quickly gets shot down by other commenters about how erroneous his assumption is that adoption is easier.  I feel like articles like this used to be overrun with awful comments about how selfish these people are for not adopting.  It’s nice to see the public sentiment changing, one troll bait comment at a time.

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