IUI Number Five

It’s that time again.  That time when my husband rolls out of bed early, heads to the clinic to make sweet loving to a plastic cup.  That time when I follow two hours later to have a doctor shove it up inside my ute.  Yes, it’s insemination time.

We had our 5th go round this morning.  Since my husband was off of work today, he actually came with me for once.  Normally we go to the clinic separately so that he doesn’t have to kill 2 hours and can instead get to work.  It was nice to have him there and I’m glad he finally got to see what the process looks like from my end.  I showed him the dildo cam, since he’d never seen one (lucky) and he thought the fact that they wrap it in a condom was pretty hilarious.  Then he and my doctor chatted the whole time the doc was all up in my hoo-hah.  Kinda funny but kinda awkward, ha.

My follicle count was a solid three, all on my left side.  One was at 18, one was at 20 and one was at 22 when I went in for my scan two days ago.  I triggered that night (in a gross public restroom where I didn’t want to touch anything).  That’s the biggest my follicles have been and the scan was my earliest it’s ever been (cd 11, normally it’s cd 13) so that has to be good right?  I think maybe I’m just desperate for something to be slightly different so that there’s reason to hope.  Having gone down this road four effing times I’m finding it hard to imagine this working for us.  With each day that goes by I’m more and more resigned to the fact that we’ll need IVF to get a pregnancy.  I’m not even sure doing a 6th IUI is going to be worth it, though I guess we’ll see how I feel at the end of these next two weeks.  The waiting has begun again…

2 thoughts on “IUI Number Five

  1. I started stims on Monday for my first, and probably only IUI. We wanted to try at least one round of IUI before pulling out the big guns. But, like you, I haven’t even been inseminated yet and I’m already resigning myself to the inevitability of IVF. Good luck this cycle because you never know!

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