Just Relax…part 2

So last night on my way home from work my phone rang and it was one of my best friends.  My stomach dropped.  I knew what she was calling to tell me.  She’s been married over 3 years, trying to get pregnant for a year and half and I just knew that this was it.  I couldn’t call her back right away so I waited a few hours.  When I did call her back she confirmed what I thought, she’s 14 weeks pregnant.  Now, I know this didn’t happen immediately for her, and that she had some stress about getting pregnant and I am SO happy for her.  I adore her, I adore her husband, they will be wonderful parents.

But.  She said one of the cardinal sins to me while we were talking.  She told me that she got pregnant by just relaxing.  Sonofabitch. I had seen her in in the middle of March, and she’s due in December, so I mentioned that holy shit she must have gotten knocked up like the DAY after I saw her.  We’d talked about things in March, and I’d told her how we were doing IUIs, and she said they were at a spot where they just needed to stop thinking about it.  I was surprised because normally she is a super into having a doctor fix any kind of problem for her.  It’d been over a year for them and I was surprised she wasn’t looking into further treatment.  But apparently in March is when she stopped tracking and just took TTC off the table for a bit and BAM, of course she got pregnant.  She told me that she thinks relaxing is what helped her and I just…I couldn’t even respond. Thankfully she followed it by saying “I know that’s probably not helpful” to which I admitted it was not but that I didn’t expect her to make me feel better about it and that I was still so excited for her.  I am so excited.  I’m just sad for me and I’m sad for my husband.  Here’s another child we will most likely watch grow up and buy presents for and love on and adore…all while still waiting for our own.

So, I’ll be over here, attempting to relax while my insides churn with desire and heartache. No problem.  None at all.  I’m totally relaxed now.

5 thoughts on “Just Relax…part 2

  1. Oh!! Yeah, that totally stinks. Especially paired with the “relax” commen thrown in for good measure. At least it is someone you know and love and can be truly happy for. I swear everywhere I turn there are pregnancy reminders – just yesterday I had to shut down Yahoo because the main feature was the birth of twin pandas!! Enough universe, enough!!

  2. Lydia , I’m currently on my two week wait do you think I should continue to take the Pregnitude ? I have to say I got a positive OPK on day 14 exactly which made us happy. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you

    • Yes, I normally take it during the two week wait. I have occasionally taken less (one packet a day, or skipping a day here or there) after I ovulate, just to stretch a box out to last the rest of my cycle. Since if the cycle is successful, I would not keep taking it. But if the cycle is not successful, I want the supplement to still be in my system for the next cycle. If that makes sense. I do think that any supplement you try, it should be taken consistently to see any effect. So just like I take my pre-natal vitamin every day, I take this too…

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