Have you tried Pregnitude?  I thought I’d right my own account of using it, since I’ve searched quite a bit for stories and follow ups, and there isn’t a whole lot out there.  There’s a lot of posts about people starting to take it, and wanting feedback, but not a whole lot of long term use.

I started taking Pregnitude twice a day March 25 and since then I’ve taken it pretty consistently.  I’ve missed a few doses, and for one week I dropped down to just one packet a day, but other than that I’ve been good about taking it.  I also should disclose that I do not have a PCOS diagnosis, as many women who use it seem to have.

The best blog post I found on the topic was from Jen at Future Fords, check that out here. She highlights some great links, including the scientific studies, that I found really helpful. It’s a supplement, not a drug, that contains just two ingredients, folic acid and myo-inositol.  There have been studies to show that when taken in the doses recommended, it improves frequency/strength of ovulation as well as egg quality.

So why am I taking it, since I don’t have PCOS?  I think what reeled me into trying it was a few accounts I’d seen of women being asked to take it before their IVF cycles, to improve egg quality.  I ovulate regularly, though on un-medicated cycles this has ranged from on CD 17 to CD 25, with the majority of my ovulation occurring between CD 17 and CD 19.  I’d prefer ovulating earlier to not only shorten my cycle, but because I’ve read that late cycle ovulation can produce damaged eggs.  Add that in with some solid studies that show that this supplement does indeed help and doesn’t really have any side effects, I was ready to jump aboard the Pregnitude train.

When I started in March it was at the beginning of my 3rd IUI cycle.  I didn’t really expect it to have any effect since most supplements take a few months to get into your system and start having effects.  I was also doing a medicated cycle (with clomid and an ovidrel trigger) so the cycle wasn’t really my own.  I didn’t notice any immediate differences except that, um, I was pooping a lot less regularly.  It’s not too bad, but just not as regular as I like, if you know what I mean.  The second month taking it was also a clomid cycle, with an IUI.  Both of those were not successful.

So now I’m on my 3rd box of Pregnitude and am starting my first month since January where I don’t have clomid taking over my cycle.  While it’s hard to tell what my cycle would have been like normally, I do think the Pregnitude is having some effects.  I started seeing some EWCM on CD 11.  That is WAY early for me, normally it doesn’t show up until CD 14/15 or later.  I also didn’t have much CM at all on the clomid (one of it’s downfalls) but never worried about it because I was doing IUIs.  However, I’ve already started noticing lots of it, and my OPKs are still not really that close to being positive, though they appear to be getting darker.  I think this means I’ll ovulate on the “textbook perfect” day of CD 14, maybe CD 15.  I’ve also noticed that I can feel my ovaries are gearing up, in the same way I felt while I was on clomid.  I have never really felt this before taking clomid, but it’s like I can feel my ovary getting heavier.  I always attributed this to the beautiful follicles clomid was helping me grow, but I like that I can still feel it even without the clomid this month.

Of course I can’t contribute all of the changes to Pregnitude.  I have no idea what this cycle would have looked like without it.  I’ve done 4 rounds back to back with clomid, and I’m sure that would have produced some changes on it’s own, even though I am assured by my doctor that clomid leaves your body quite quickly after you stop taking it.  However, compared to my other unmedicated cycles, this one is different.  Which, of course, I hope is a good sign.  Maybe we’ll get a free baby (well, “free” meaning $40 for the box of Pregnitude, plus a few more for OPKs, but you know what I mean).  Though I know better than to get my hopes too high up over some ovary tightness.  I’ve felt it on all 4 of my IUI cycles, and I’m still sitting here very unpregnant.

The last thing I’ll add, is that Pregnitude claims to be flavorless, which for the most part it is.  I don’t really notice a flavor, but it seems to have a sweet taste to it.  If I compare regular water to my water with Pregnitude mixed in, it tastes like it has a pinch of splenda in it.  Just a very small amount.  Anyhow, I like the taste so it doesn’t bother me at all, but I’ve read other places that some women don’t like it.

So that’s my experience, what was yours?  I’ll do another update in a few months if I’m still using it to give you my long term thoughts.  But for now, I’m keeping it as part of my routine.


32 thoughts on “Pregnitude

  1. Just met with my RE today and he recommended Pregnitude (which totally sounds like a fake name doesn’t it?) too, so I’ll be starting tomorrow. Like you, no PCOS here – just tired, old eggs! Hoping this helps as we get ready to start our third round of IVF. Fingers crossed for both of us. Please be sure to post updates!! Good luck!!

    • The name is so silly! It sounds like the attitude you give your husband while pregnant, not a supplement, haha.

      Good luck, I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’ll do an update after I’ve been on it for awhile longer.

      • I have been MIA for a bit (mostly bc I couldn’t find this thread again) but do far I think my only side effect has been a couple of terrible headaches. It’s hard to say though with all the other meds mixed in which one is the real culprit. For now I’m blaming the product with the terrible name 😉

      • Well I just started pregnitude this week. I haven’t had any side effects yet other than constant urination because of the water lol

      • Yes, it’s hard to know sometimes where the annoying side effects are coming from. I have occasionally cut back from taking it twice a day, so maybe try just once if you think it’s causing a headache? My first month on clomid (no pregnitude) I had like 10 day long headache, but that was it…

      • Ugh. There really isn’t anything worse than the never ending headache and the constant trips to the bathroom!! I mean, if the end result is a healthy baby when all is said and done then sure, but to go through month after month of not being successful makes you hate the headaches and pee that much more!!

        I am almost through my first box of Pregnitude and will know next week if it appears to have helped with my egg quality. This will be our 3rd shot w/IVF. 1st was cancelled due to poor response, 2nd wound up with 5 mature eggs and hopefully the 3rd will produce even more than that. Funny, I can already tell you now that if we do get more I will totally sing the praises of Pregnitude – but if nothing changes or the number is less I will totally blame my doctor!! At least I sort of recognize I’m irrational right?

      • I think it’s definitely good to recognize when you’re being irrational, haha. I try to do the same, but doesn’t mean I don’t let the crazy out now and then.

        Good luck with your 3rd go round. I hope the P-tude comes through for you, and your eggs.

      • I hope this works, my cycle is supposed to come tomorrow. So once that’s over hopefully this will work😉 I hope and pray everything goes well for you as well I will keep you posted!

  2. Can’t wait to read your followups to pregnitude. I just started my first packet today! I ended last cycle with a clomid cyst, and decided to take a break from going to the RE so just letting go and taking pregnitude. I tried it back in the winter but for only 1/2 a cycle so I can understand that it didn’t have time to work its “magic” 🙂 I do not have PCOS and ovulate on my own, my DH has no problems either, so something just isn’t clicking. Time will tell, even though we have been trying for almost 2 years.

    • Thanks for reading! My one natural cycle that I wasn’t using meds was a textbook perfect cycle, which I have never had before. Ovulated on CD 14 and AF arrived exactly 14 days later. Obviously it would have been better if she’d never come, but I do think the Pregnitude helped regulate my cycle and get it down from 32-34 days, to 28. I’m still taking it, so I’ll update again in the future!

  3. Waiting on my pregnitude now hoping for positive results as well no PCOS and my cycles are regular between 26-28 days I’m 41 we have been trying for 2yrs with one MC in 2011. Not sure if I’m actually ovulating like I should.

    • I’d be curious to hear if you notice any changes to your cycle with the Pregnitude. Mine are noticeably shorter, but it sounds like you already have pretty regular cycles. Good luck!

      • I know my cycles are regular and that’s aggravating because I’m not sure I am ovulating any more 😦 no positive OPK test or discharge recently. So I hope for the best will keep you posted.

  4. Here is my update on Pregnitude ; I have headaches , I’m weepy and very short. But it’s ok my fertile week is coming up this week 🙂 so let’s see if I actually ovulate this month. Recently figured out because I was using Progestrone cream it stopped the ovulation, felt stupid because I didn’t know it would stop ovulation thought it would help. So now I’m supposed to use it after I have a positive OPK.
    What we go through!

    • I don’t think it matters when you start taking it. But I would say, like most supplements, you might not see any effects until you’ve taken it for a little while as it takes some time to get into your system. So, if you want to try it, I’d give it a 2 or 3 month trial phase before giving it up or continuing. Best of luck! Be sure to check back in if you do end up using it :).

    • Hello my name is Carmon and I’m following this blog. I also take Pregnitude and I started right after my cycle in July. I actually ovulated last Friday and was so happy! I hadn’t ovulated in two months . The only symptoms I had were a headache for the first weeks and a lot of gas lol. I’m still taking it in my two week wait until I get a BFP. I hope this helps 🙂

  5. I started pregnitude this cycle last week on CD3. I have PCOS but havehad “text book” cycles for the past 7 cycles with O around day 14 and a 14 day luteal phase. I was also getting positive OPKs on day 13. Well today is day 13 and all negative OPKs sinceCD9. And, my temps have been very erratic this cycle. I am hoping that I get a positive OPK tomorrow and my usual temp shift on CD 15. I will be none to happy if pregnitude serves to make me less regular. I know it’s too early to tell anything so I will just wait and see. Good luck all.

  6. Hello all, I have been taking Pregnitude since March 2013. Prior to taking it my cycles had become vary sporadic/irregular. I don’t think I was even ovulating anymore. I’m 39 by the way. TTC baby #1 now. I stopped taking it one month and ended without AF that month. Again this month I just couldn’t afford the $40 and went without it…end result…I’m on CD33 and no sign of AF. So the point I’m trying to make is that I think it helps to regulate y cycles. I don’t have a PCOS diagnosis either.

  7. I just started taking Pregnitude today. I had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago. I have not been diagnosed with PCOS but have the facial hair growth and acne and was told I was prediabetic several years ago. I started taking soy isoflavones in May like Clomid (day 3-7) and got pregnant but miscarried at 7 weeks. I hopre pregnitude helps me ovulate and improves my egg quality since January 2013 I was told I had poor egg quality. Looking forward to a BFP and for you all as wll.

  8. I have read all of your post. I have a question my husband and I have been ttc for about 6 cycles. My cycles are long about 31 days. My ob/gyn said I was not ovulating so she called in p-tude foe me I have been taking it for about 6 or 7 days and I should have seen Af yesterday. Did if cause any of you to start late? Also something did any of u notice excessive amounts of cm late in your cycle?

  9. Pregnatude worked for me, I have been taking it for about a month and I am pregnant!! 🙂 so excited! Btw. I do have pcos, and after losing 105 lbs. my cycles were regualar again and my husband decided it was time! 🙂 on the third month of trying and with pregnatude, here we are! 🙂

  10. @Itworkedforme, can you tell me more about your experience on Pregnitude. I started it a week ago today and am waiting every day for AF to come! Did your cycles remain the same as before Pregnitude? I am wondering when to expect AF so I can O! Anyone else out there have irregular cycles and got AF on pregnitude? If so, on what CD did it come?? Thanks!

    • I’d think it would take longer than a week for you to notice any changes in your cycle. I’d say probably at least a month, if not more. But I’d welcome anyone else to weigh in with their opinions.

  11. Hi Lydia,
    First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy, so exciting and amazing right before IVF! I was googling Pregnitude for women without PCOS and your post is one of the first (and only helpful) things that pops up. I do ovulate every month, in the past year or so that I’ve been tracking the day has been as early as CD12 and late as CD18, usually it’s around CD15-16, and all tests have come back normal for both me and my husband. A good friend of mine with PCOS just found out she’s pregnant and gave me the rest of her P-tude, saying that it can’t hurt and is supposed to help egg quality (basically the same argument you had for taking it). She fully credits the P-tude for her current status. So I’m just curious, since you’re a non-PCOSer, whether you kept taking it continuously from the time you wrote this post until you got pregnant and if you feel it played a role?
    Thanks so much and good luck!

    • For me it also fell into the “can’t hurt, might help” category. I used it pretty consistently for about 5 months. However I wasn’t a great test case about its effects since I was also on clomid most of the time too. I thought it had shortened my cycles (two of my unmediated cycles had textbook 28 day cycles). Then after my last IUI I had a 36 day cycle. After that I realized I couldn’t tell what was a clomid and what was pregnitude. After that long cycle I got pregnant. I really have no idea why! I’d say try it for a few months and see how you feel. I don’t know if it was responsible for my pregnancy, but I am glad I tried it.

      I know this might not be helpful and I’m sorry about that. Best of luck and I’m hoping you’re pregnant before you finish your first box :).

      • Thank you for the info. It’s definitely helpful, at least anecdotally, it seems like after your 2-3 years of trying the Pregnitude could very well have played a part. I’ll come back and update you if it works out for me. Thank you again!

  12. Hello, me and my fiancé have been TTC for 4 years now and been together 5. I do have a child from a previous relationship and he has none. I don’t have PCOS but my blood type is rare RH Neg. So its a little harder keeping a baby even tho I only had one miscarriage which was before my son. I seen this online and thought why not try we cant afford IVF and don’t have that much time on our hands with work and school. Yesterday I started my journey on pregnitude, hopefully this really works cause we both want baby. I’m only 28 and I hope nothing is wrong with my fertility like I think it is.

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