Our road to infertility, part 2

(To read Part 1 click here)

After our Brazilian adventures, we spent that summer wading deeper and deeper into the TTC realm.  Each time my period arrived, I went to the computer for more information.  I think part of my inability to just “relax and let it happen” is that my family already has an infertile track record so infertility was already on my radar.  My brother and his wife tried for 5 years to have children before they were successful through IVF.  At the time, I knew they’d struggled for a few years, but didn’t quite know the full extent of what they went through.  They were private about it for a very long time, for which I do not blame them.  I was a moron back then and would have most likely suggested they just adopt, which, now I know, would not have gone over well.  However on the other hand, my sister got pregnant just 6 weeks after stopping the pill.  She maybe had one normal cycle and then BAM she was knocked up.  I figured I’d be more like my sister than my brother (you know, since we both have a uterus) but as the months ticked by I began to realize our reproductive abilities were not equal.

So, that summer, as we tried and failed a few times, I would add to my knowledge each month.  I read about “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” and used an online ovulation calendar (which was totally wrong for me).  By July, I had bought the book and was a basil body thermometer and was dipping my toes into charting.  I realized quite quickly that my cycles were long and that I was not ovulating on day 14 or 15, but more like day 19-25.  We’d just been timing it wrong!

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